Daily Wine News: Invisible Disabilities in the Wine Industry

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With Spazio's Kitchen Gadgets, Accessories & FurnitureIn SevenFifty Daily, Amy Bess Cook, who has epilepsy, shares what it’s like to work in a winery with an invisible disability—and examines what the industry can do to create a more welcoming workplace. “Even the most supportive manager cannot compensate for a broken winery workplace culture—one that moves at such an unapologetically lightning pace that it fails to consider the potential contributions of those who work differently…The wine business as a whole can do far more to cultivate curiosity and acceptance and to create a more welcoming and diverse workplace. We can begin by listening to people with disabilities, invisible and otherwise.”

In TRINK, Paula Redes Sidore explores the German concept of furztrocken, used to describe a wine that is “drier than bone dry.” “While colloquially sometimes used to describe agriculture, furztrocken is more commonly considered a gustatory evaluation of anything from schnitzel to cake. Furztrocken’s home has regional roots. In this case, south of Germany’s equivalent of the Mason-Dixon line, the Rhine River, where it crosses through the cities of Frankfurt and the great wine capital of Mainz. But furztrocken wines exist throughout Germany. Unlike most everything else in Germany, furztrocken is not a number. It’s a state of mind.”

In Meininger’s, Becca Yeamans-Irwin takes a scientific look at the credibility of health claims that are made about wine, and the possible impact of a changing climate.

Australian winemakers are lobbying to maintain access to the Prosecco name amid EU talks, reports Decanter.

Four ‘climats’ within the Pouilly-Loché and Pouilly-Vinzelles appellations in Burgundy’s Mâcon region are set to be designated premier cru starting with the 2024 vintage, according to Panos Kakaviatos in Decanter.

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Neal Martin delves into Burgundy’s 2018 vintage in Vinous. “The 2018 vintage was the first in the trio of unseasonably hot vintages that introduced a new paradigm, a new normal. It posed a conundrum for winemakers: try to maintain some semblance of their signature style or acquiesce to the meteorological conditions that Mother Nature sets out, uphold the moral duty of translating the season into bottle?”

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By: Shelby Vittek
Title: Daily Wine News: Invisible Disabilities in the Wine Industry
Sourced From: www.terroirist.com/daily-wine-news-invisible-disabilities-in-the-wine-industry/
Published Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2022 13:00:31 +0000

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