AirVi Automatic Vacuum Wine Saver Pump, Electric Wine Stopper, Removes Air and Keeps Wine Fresh, Gift for Wine Lovers, Premium Wine Accessory (Red)

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Extend the Life of Your Wine

Not finishing your glass of wine? Recorking it only lasts so long but the AirVi Vacuum Wine Saver extends the life of your wine days and even weeks. Once plugged onto the bottle, the motor will kick on and it will pump out excess air until a complete vacuum is created.

Fully Sensor Powered

Internal sensor constantly monitors the vacuum. If air leaks out for any reason the motor will automatically kick back on until the vacuum is restored. It will also alert you of the vacuum seal as the blue top light will turn green when a seal is created.

Aesthetic Upgrade

Sleek design is an actual improvement to your bar. Don’t worry about a used cork sticking out of the mouth of your bottle, instead replace that with the AirVi Vacuum Wine Saver and impress any guest.

Five Color Options Vacuum Seal Your Unfinished Wine Sleek Design Automatic Sensor Vacuum Lightweight Perfect Gift


Impress During the Holidays!

If you are hosting a holiday event, turn heads with the AriVi collection. While you set the table with your nicest bowls and plates, your finest china, and your best-cooked food, improve your spread with AirVi. The dispenser is available in four different colors, silver, black, red, and white. Don’t forget to have plenty of Vacuum Wine Savers available for all of the unfinished wine!


The Perfect Holiday Gift

No matter who you are giving a gift to, any product in the AirVi collection is sure to impress. Our collection of products are the perfect gift because they are affordable, packaged in a clean gift box, and they are incredibly effective. We built this brand on the idea of offering a premium, exclusive experience in an inexpensive way. This collection is fit for a special night with a loved one as well as a casual wine night. No matter the instance and no matter the recipient, AirVi is sure to impress around the Holidays.

59.97 (Two Pack) 59.97 (Two Pack) 39.97 39.97


30 to 40 Second Work Time

Depending on the amount of wine that. you leave in the bottle, expect the motor to work for about 30 to 45 seconds to create the vacuum seal.

Battery Powered

Two AAA batteries are needed to power each unit. The first two batteries come included in the initial order. Tested for over 100 vacuum seals and over 6 months of use before a battery change.

Plug and Walk Away

Plug onto the mouth of your bottle and your work is complete. You will hear the motor turn on and the light will turn blue to indicate that a seal is in progress. Once complete, the blue light will turn green and your seal is complete.


KEEP YOUR WINE FRESH – When the automatic wine stopper is placed on top of your unfinished bottle of wine and forms an airtight seal. The vacuum that is created prevents oxidation by removing all air completely out of the bottle. As a result, your bottle of wine will be preserved for weeks instead of days and keep its original taste much longer.
EASY USE – Simply remove the cover from the bottom of the wine saver and place it on your bottle of wine. The wine saver will do the rest. The motor will automatically turn on and will remove all of the excess oxygen creating and airtight seal.
PREMIUM QUALITY – The Vacuum Wine Saver is made with quality materials. AirVi is committed to providing a premium wine tasting experience for all their users. This vacuum wine saver includes a premium gasket that ensures an airtight seal, keeping your wine fresh longer.
AUTOMATIC SENSOR – The automatic sensor inside of the unit will turn the motor back on if it senses any oxygen has entered the bottle. It also features a sensor that will shut the unit off from removing oxygen if the bottle is turned beyond 45 degrees. This way, no wine will ever filter through the main housing of the unit.
GREAT GIFT – Our wine stopper comes in a box perfect for a gift for the holiday season. Whether a casual wine drinker or a wine connoisseur, everyone is looking for a solution to help preserve their wine longer. AirVi has found this answer. This wine saver comes with two batteries so all you need to do is take it out of the box and it is ready for use., $59.97,


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